Ask the Expert: Pelvic Floor + More

You may have heard jokes about moms who pee their pants after having children, but is peeing yourself (also known as postpartum incontinence) really something to laugh about? Many people mistakenly think that having postpartum incontinence is normal after pregnancy. While it is common for many women, it is not necessarily normal. If you are experiencing postpartum incontinence, there are treatment options you should be aware of.

Join us at our Ask the Expert event on Monday March 2nd, 2020 at 10am (after Stroller Strides) at Bridgeway Lakes Park as we chat with Julie Kwong from Lady Bits Physical Therapy and chat all things pelvic floor!

Here's more from Julie:

"HI! I am the owner and primary therapist for Lady Bits Physical Therapy. I grew up in northern California's beautiful Humboldt County filled with huge trees, and loving parents who supported my love of playing the harp from the age of 9. In my early 20's I suffered a serious back injury and many years of chronic pain. Thanks to my brother, a skilled physical therapist, I experienced true pain relief and a renewed belief in my body's ability to heal. Having already obtained a music and biology degree from Holy Names University in 2005, I headed back to graduate school at CSU Long Beach, graduating in 2012. I have since worked in general orthopedics and skilled nursing with Alzheimer's Care before dedicating my career to serving women.

I became interested and obsessed with women's health due to my own personal struggles and pelvic floor dysfunction. As I went through my pelvic health classes I learned that I had a double prolapse (never diagnosed by my OBGYN's), overactive pelvic floor, and more. As my own struggles to conceive never allowed me to experience pregnancy personally, I saw a trend where women in their postpartum years were not being served well by PT's, even those who are pelvic floor PT's. So I have made it my specialty to serve postpartum women for common issues that really can heal, but often don't as they are whole body solutions to common issues such as painful intercousre, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, weak core in general, pelvic pain, and leaking.

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