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Run Club+ Spotlight: Blanca Segura

2020 has thrown a lot of wrenches into people's plans, but it has also allowed many to find new hobbies and explore new activities! With shelter in place and virtual workouts, we were so excited to start our Run Club+ program back in May to support moms through 5k, 10k, and half marathon training plans all while being virtual!

Running through the chaos of 2020 has allowed these moms to get out for fresh air AND stay accountable with a group of amazing, supportive women! As a coach, it's been an honor to see how these moms have progressed in not only their speed and endurance, but watching their mental shifts and seeing how strong they are!

When we started Run Club+ in May, Blanca Segura was one of the first to sign up, with no expectation of any times or distances. And o my goodness, did she surprise us all! Not only did Blanca jump into the program with all of her heart, but she showcased some speed and strength for long miles! She has been everyone's #1 supporter and has helped to encourage all the moms through their achievements and struggles of training.

Blanca is not only an amazing FIT4MOM West Sacramento / Natomas instructor AND runs our social media, but she is a green thumbed plant mom, has a heart of gold, is the first one to share #allthestruggles of motherhood, and o yea... she also keeps 3 humans under the age of 8 alive! And now she is an amazing RUNNER!

I'm so excited to feature Blanca for our Run Club+ Spotlight to hear about how running has changed her in 2020! If you'd like to follow Blanca's running journey, you can find her on Instagram @runwithblanca.

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What inspired you to start running?

Running has always been part of who I am ever since I joined the military but back then I was forced to run. I never really enjoyed it or consistently ran. Then I learned more about FIT4MOM West Sacramento / Natomas's Run Club+ and that inspired me to get into it.

What have you learned from running?

I think I've learned so much about myself. I've learned that with running it's YOU against YOU. Running is nothing but a mind game. If you can figure out what motivates you to get out there you've figured out 90% of running.

What is your favorite running gear?

If I'm going on a short run (5 miles and below) I love my $10 amazon running belt along with my amazon shorts (in the summer). For longer runs (6 and up) I love my Nathan vest because of storage. I also found that using my Go Guarded hand held (pepper spray and a knife combo) provides that feeling of protection.

What is your LEAST favorite/most overrated running gear item?

For me it would be my arm sleeves. I thought they would protect me from the sun but I ended up overheating and uncomfortable. Sunscreen works best for me.

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What is your favorite running snack?

Favorite Snacks would be cut up waffles on the go and for quick refueling a pomegranate GU gel.

What do you listen to when running?

I have a good combination of metal, rap, hip-hop, techno and pop on my Spotify playlist. I love anything upbeat.

What kind of watch do you use for running and why did you pick it?

I have a Garmin Fenix 6s Pro. I picked this for many reasons. I had an Apple Watch when I started but found quickly that the battery didn't last on my long runs. I researched a ton and found this specific model to fit my needs. It's a multisport GPS watch, with music, intelligence pace planning and the battery lasts me 30 days!!!

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What has been the best part of running?

The best part of running has been hitting all my running goals. That has to be the best part. I have also found such a great running community.

What has been the hardest part of running?

The hardest part of running has been halting my training because of an injury. I was in such a good groove then boom, I was forced to recover. But before the injury the hardest part was finding motivation to get out there. I learned that I had to push through the excuse because at the end I would thank myself for going. When those moments do come I try to trick my brain by saying only go out for a mile and see what happens. 9/10 I end up running more.

What distance do you prefer to run?

I have to say Half Marathons are my sweet spot. Then it would be a 10k. But hands down I will run Half's all day long.

What gets you going on days you don’t want to run?

I try to think of the feeling I get at the end of a run. I can't describe it but it's a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. When I'm getting ready I turn on Alexa to get the music going. I also search up running motivation on YouTube and that works!

What is your favorite running memory?

Favorite so far was when I ran my Half Marathon in Napa and my kids ran to me and ran me to the finish line. That was THE best!

When was your most memorable run?

My Half Marathon has to be the best. My father and sister in law paced me on their bikes while running in the beautiful vineyards of Napa.


Ready to start training for a 5k, 10k, or half marathon?

Our next Run Club+ 8 week training session kicks off January 2021. Email haleyorr@fit4mom.com or find out more at https://westsacramento-natomas.fit4mom.com/classes/run-club