Are you wanting to join but feeling intimidated? I was too. I’m an older Mom, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and I would feel embarrassed, but Haley (owner and instructor) has alternatives to all exercises and you chose your level of intensity. Worried that everyone will already know each other and you will feel left out? I was too, but this isn’t just a workout group, this is an amazing village of Mamas that support each other. Haley and all the Mamas cheer you on, lift you up when you are down, and you look forward to seeing them, and their kiddos! Worried your kiddo will get bored? I was too, but instead of counting reps we sing songs, and Haley incorporates bubbles and toys to keep them entertained. After workout, we stay and play at the park, go for coffee, do fun crafts, go on field trips, have potlucks, and seasonal parties. Mamas get a chance to catch up and talk Mom life, and the kiddos foster their friendships too. We also have a monthly Moms night out, which is always a fun activity, different every month. Since I joined we have gone paddle boarding, had bunco night, pampering night, escape room, made a cute decorative sign, scavenger hunt etc. Haley was quick to switch gears during the shelter in place in 2020, converting to virtual workouts that you could participate in live or do later with a recording when you have time, daily virtual story time, and virtual playgroups, crafts, and experiments. Weekly virtual Mommy meet up and virtual game nights, with our without spouses. Having this amazing village of Mamas to lean on in these stressful times has been priceless. Come join our village, you won’t regret it! First class is free! My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!