Mental Check In with Your Core

Exercise should make you feel stronger, stand taller, and connect you to your body. A great way to have a mental check-in with yourself & your inner core is with balance drills like this one - the Lat Pulldown & Knee Lift! You can do this with or without a band.

1. Start with your feet together, band in hands over your forehead, and band taunt.

2. Think about zipping your core together, with rib cage meeting in the center of your body. Now, pull your pelvic floor in and up. This is your contracted core position.

3. Lift your right knee.

4. Pull the band down to chest height with your hands going wide.

5. Hold this position as you take a breath in and out.

6. Release the hands back overhead slowly & the foot to the ground. Exhale and let the core fully release.

7. Repeat the core contraction and then, lift the left knee to repeat.

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