Three Tips for First Trimester Fitness

So you're in your first trimester of pregnancy and you're trying to figure out if you should keep exercising, stop exercising or start exercising.

Check out our three tips for first trimester fitness focuses:

1. During the first trimester, you should be able to continue most of your normal, preferred activities at the duration and intensity as before becoming pregnant.

2. You should honor how you're feeling, and if anything starts to feel uncomfortable or brings concern, you'll want to find alternatives quickly - whether that be mode, impact, duration, or intensity.

3. Remember, the decade's past heart rate recommendations for exercising during pregnancy have been discarded. Please tune into your ratings of perceived exertion and use the talk test. You are encouraged to stay away from breathlessness, especially the first 12 weeks as the fetus is developing.

Looking for a workout that will help keep you safe during your first trimester of pregnancy? Find out more about the programs we offer